New experiments powered by PEC26

Two new experiments have been release with the support of Escolher Ciência: one about the Boyle-Mariotte Law and another to study linear momentum conservation.

What’s interesting about these experiments is that, although they are connected to e-lab, they are not physically at e-lab HQ! Each is setup at a high-school and were built and maintained with the help of teachers and students, although they are connected to the e-lab mainframe and can be accessed through the platform.

Together with World Pendulum, they make up a new wave of off-site apparatus. We intend expand the list and are now looking for other high.schools that are willing to collaborate with us.

Who likes this idea:

Escolher Ciência Externato Cooperativo da Benedita Agrupamento de Escolas de Alvalade Escola Secundária Poeta Al Berto

e-lab welcomes ExploreHouse!

Explore House Iberia was presented at IST for high school students. The aim of this activity was to demystify the use of remote labs and to train teachers and students on the e-lab platform usage. Moreover it was an important event to transmit a technological and innovative image of IST and UTL to future students and to publicize their courses in a fashionable way.

Explore House, through e-lab, allows the InnoEnergy community, students and general public from different backgrounds and locations, to do measurements and scientific experiments in a virtual environment, with the possibility for simultaneous users and connecting different remote laboratories.
The Explore House e-lab is a complement to normal laboratories where everyone can do remote experiments, collect it’s data and afterwards analyze the results.
Although e-lab is not intended to replace hands-on experiments it can be a way to share remote experiments among users and to allow data interpretations taken from experiments otherwise unreachable.

H. Fernandes giving a lesson on e-lab to young students.