New experiments powered by PEC26

Two new experiments have been release with the support of Escolher Ciência: one about the Boyle-Mariotte Law and another to study linear momentum conservation.

What’s interesting about these experiments is that, although they are connected to e-lab, they are not physically at e-lab HQ! Each is setup at a high-school and were built and maintained with the help of teachers and students, although they are connected to the e-lab mainframe and can be accessed through the platform.

Together with World Pendulum, they make up a new wave of off-site apparatus. We intend expand the list and are now looking for other high.schools that are willing to collaborate with us.

Who likes this idea:

Escolher Ciência Externato Cooperativo da Benedita Agrupamento de Escolas de Alvalade Escola Secundária Poeta Al Berto

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