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Welcome to the e-lab wiki. Here you can find all the consolidated documentation on the e-lab experiments.


e-lab platform allows students to perform real experiments through the Internet.

Most the physical setup for the experiments is hosted at Instituto Superior Técnico. The experiment is controlled by the administrator, who is the top user at the end of the queue of all users. On special occasions the experiment administrator is a granted special rights when controlling an experiment, like a teacher who has booked the lab in advance. On such situations he can direct the experiment and all the students will share the data and graphics simultaneously, despite any physical distance.

The data and video feed from each experiment are captured by sensors and cameras, which are connected to a central server and then broadcasted to the subscribers through the internet.

Each control room is specific to each experiment and has its own page, where the user can find a protocol, suggestions for variations to the experience, as well as explanations and reviews of the data. There's a chat room in each control room, so that everyone can share and comment information about the experiments and the data analysis (results).

Control room, experimental apparatus, protocol and experimental setup are key concepts in e-lab:

  • Control Room: virtual environment to control a real apparatus belonging to a laboratory.
  • Experimental apparatus: equipment that allows performing certain experiments.
  • Experimental setup: experimental apparatus configuration according to the protocol to be executed.
  • Protocol: steps needed to carry out an experiment with a particular selection and configuration of the apparatus.

Users can send suggestions or reports of their own experiences to this email.

You can also see the Sponsors that have made this project possible.

The World Pendulum project is a good example of our future plans.

e-lab Experiments

Before trying to launch the application be sure to have installed JAVA and VLC and all security permitions set as state on our FAQ

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Basic Laboratory

Intermediate Laboratory

Advanced Laboratory


Exemplo dum ajuste à trajectória de um dos pendulos mundiais efectuado com recurso ao Tracker

The apparatus videos, in some relevant cases, are streamed at 640x480 resolution in order to allow the analysis of trajectories with appropriate software, for example the Tracker.

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