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Note: This experiment is currently unavailable while we update both software and hardware. This article is based on the old version.

Description of the Experiment

This experiment allows access to a weather station's database.

Experimental Apparatus

This weather station is installed on top of Instituto Superior Técnico's Central Pavilion, in Lisbon, Portugal. It is permanently recording the data it acquires in a database, averaging the values for each hour. The user can access the data from the last acquisition and the database itself, represented as graphs.

The sensor is a thermistor, i.e. a resistor that varies with temperature. The temperature for a given value in electrical resistance can be found with the following formula (given by the manufacturer):

[math] T = \frac{ \beta }{ ln(\frac{ R }{ R_{ref} }) + \frac{ \beta }{ T_{ref} }} [/math]

This sensor was developed by the MERCATOR company, having been placed in a RHU217-AT model board. Operational values are between 0º and 60º (precision \( \pm 0.7 ºC\) at 25ºC).


First, the user has to select the data to be observed (by default, the latest data is shown).


Sensor panel:

  • Select the type of data to be shown, by choosing which sensor to look at.

Resolution panel:

  • Select the time scale for the graphical representation.

Period panel:

  • Select the time interval between samples.


  • OK - confirm the chosen selections, go to the experiment stage.
  • Cancel - close the config window.
  • Default config - default selection.

Data Visualization Window After the configuration, the chosen data can be observed. The latest acquisition is always shown and the data from the database is shown graphically.