List of UDP ports for streaming

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The following table list the information needed to setup video streaming for the partner pendulums. Each partner pendulum must be set up to use the indicated ports. Any deviation from this settings will result in conflicts that will disrupt video streaming on the affected pendulums.

It also shows the names the corresponding SDP files are expected to have. These must also be followed, otherwise the client application won't be able to play the videos as the expected filenames will be missing. The xx as to be replaced by the confidential designated two digits.

Video Streaming Settings
Pendulum Location Experiment Name Port SDP Name
Prague - CTU WP_PRG xx72 wp_prg.sdp
Barcelona - UPC WP_BCN xx66 wp_bcn.sdp
Marseille - ECM WP_MRS xx94 wp_mrs.sdp
Brasilia - UnB WP_UNB_BSB xx90 wp_unb_bsb.sdp
Ilheus - UESC WP_UESC_IOS xx22 wp_uesc_ios.sdp
Rio de Janeiro - PUC WP_PUC_RIO xx46 wp_puc_rio.sdp
Santiago - UChile WP_UCHILE_SCL xx76 wp_uc_scl.sdp
Valparaíso - UTFSM WP_UTFSM_VAP xx78 wp_utfsm_vap.sdp
Bogotá - UniAndes WP_UNIANDES_BOG xx80 wp_uniandes_bog.sdp
Bogotá - UNAD WP_UNAD_BOG xx82 wp_unad_bog.sdp
Panamá City - UTP WP_UTP_PTY xx84 wp_utp_pty.sdp
Panamá City - USMA WP_USMA_PTY xx86 wp_usma_pty.sdp
Praia - UniCV WP_UNICV_RAI xx74 wp_unicv_rai.sdp
Punta Arenas - UMAG WP_UMAG_PUQ xx88 wp_umag_puq.sdp
Lisboa - IST WP_IST_LIS xx68 wp_ist_lis.sdp
São Tomé - EPSTP WP_SAOTOME xx96 wp_saotome.sdp
Faro - CCVAlg ELAB_WORLD_PENDULUM_CCVALG xx20 worldpendulum_ccvalg.sdp