Pinhole Camera Optics

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Description of the Experiment

Under construction.


  • Video: rtsp://
  • Laboratório: Intermédio em[1]
  • Sala de controlo: pinhole
  • Nivel: ***

Experimental Apparatus

The camera is formed by pin-hole opening that allows light to enter a thus create an image of the object at a distance of 150mm. The target made up of a translucent plastic that allows a digital camera to capture the picture created on it. The pin-hole's opening must be previosly selected (200 um, 350 um, 1mm, 1,5mm and 2mm). The object can be moved in relation to the camera, creating a distance between 100mm and 315mm. This object is formed by 16 LEDs (red, green, blue), placed in a way that allows the displaying four equal-sided triangles. The target has a milimetric scale to help establishing the relation between image pixels and real length. This means a simple graphics program (like gimp) can be used to count the pixels.


Under construction.