Add e-lab to Java's Security Exception Site List

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To run the e-lab application it might be necessary to add e-lab services to the Exception Site List. You should have already installed a compatible version of Java for running e-lab. Please follow the steps described below. For more detailed information please visit the Java's HELP RESOURCES.

1) Open the Java Control Panel. You can find out how to do it on Java's help resources for Windows and Mac OS X/macOS.

2) Go to the Security tab.

3) Click Edit Site List, then click Add in the Edit Site List window.

4) Input the following link. Do not forget the last "/".

5) Click OK, then click Continue if a new warning window pops up.

6) Click again OK to close the window of the Java Control Panel.

When you run again the e-lab application you will be asked if you trust it, please do so by clicking on the checkbox and then on Run.