WPA FREE 0.5.1 Instalation

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Janus Server


If the janus server is already running with the FREE 0.3.0 version it is only necessary to guarantee that the admin secret is defined.

Edit the janus.plugin.streaming.jcfg file in the /var/snap/janus-gateway/common/etc ​ directory and guarantee that the admin_key is defined:

general :
  admin_key = "elab1";
  rtp_port_range = "6000-7000";


To install the Janus stream server you will need to run the following commands on your Debian 11 machine:

sudo apt install snap​
sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install janus-gateway​


The configuration of janus is done editing a file in the /var/snap/janus-gateway/common/etc​ directory

Edit the janus.plugin.streaming.jcfg file

Define an administration secret​ by uncommenting the line 104) or the one that contains the admin_key string= and changing the string to a suitable value.

Define the possible ports that Janus will use to ​receive the video stream from the pendulum by uncomment line 106​) or the one containing the string rtp_port_range= and define the available ports (for example to 6000-7000​).

Delete the sample pre-configure endpoints by deleting all lines from line 124.

Restart Janus by running the command:

sudo snap restart janus-gateway​

Example of janus configuration

After the configuration of a newly installed Janus Server the janus.plugin.streaming.jcfg should only containg the following`

general :
  admin_key = "elab1";
  rtp_port_range = "6000-7000";