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Publications / Publicações


An accessible microwave cavity experiment for plasma density determination


Ball & beam experiment control with current sensing

Design and instrumentation of a magnetic field micro-probe mapper: An e-lab apparatus to map a coil's magnetic field

Determinação expedita do coeficiente de expansão adiabática


Turning the internet of (my) things into a remote controlled laboratory

Remote framework for publishing distibuted RCLs


Remote real laboratories in massive open on-line laboratories (MOOLs): A live demonstration at experimenta@ 2015

Distributed e-lab setup based on the Raspberry Pi: The hydrostatic experiment case study


e-lab's elastic collision distributed remote laboratory

Sensor de posição 2D para pêndulo cónico por acoplamento capacitivo


World Pendulum@ e-lab

World wide remote distributed experiment on e-lab

A Paschen Curve experiment for e-lab

e-lab Remote Laboratory Demonstration

Pêndulo Mundial


E-lab remote laboratory integrated overview

Remote Laboratories: Bridging University to Secondary Schools


“FQ em rede” and “e-lab” Opening the school laboratories


E-lab: O laboratório online

e-lab platform: promoting students interest in science

e-lab: plataforma de apoio ao ensino e à aprendizagem da Física e da Química

e-lab: a valuable tool for teaching

A blended-learning approach to the Boyle-Mariotte law: An e-lab didactic interactive multimedia environment teaching in the secondary level


Laboratório virtual e-lab: uma plataforma de ensino das ciências


A corba sharing and messaging server–client information system