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#[[Precision Pendulum Assembly: Calibration| Calibration]]
#[[Precision Pendulum Assembly: Calibration| Calibration]]
#[[Precision Pendulum Assembly: Partners| Partners]]
#[[Precision Pendulum Assembly: Partners| Partners]]
Mechanical structures in suport of high schools replicas have been assembled and constructed with the kind help of CENFIM, Lisbon.

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This page is intended to serve as the assembly instructions for the Precision Pendulum, particularly following the setup developed for the WPA project. This page starts with a brief description of the apparatus and its core components. Then it is followed by the description fo the assembly process which is divided into three core parts: the Mechanical assembly, the electronic controller assembly and the calibration of the setup. An additional step is described for those who want to allow "non-remote" operation (ie: local operation in a museum or common area with public access).


  1. Apparatus Description
  2. Mechanical assembly
  3. Electrical interfaces
  4. Calibration
  5. Partners